Tips For Hanging Artwork When Listing Your Home For Sale

Posted by Doug Young on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 at 7:33am

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The Best Way To Implement Artwork In Your House

This works both when you are living in the home or selling it. Art can add some great visual interest to your home and can make it look more finished a complete in the buyers eyes Here are some things to consider when placing and hanging artwork throughout your home.

Many people don't realize there are methods to hanging art, photos and wall decor that can make them easier to view and appreciate, as well as help add balance to a room. Here are six of the most important guidelines for hanging art smart:

  1. Be purposeful, not random. Keep picture frames anchored or clustered with something else in the room (usually a larger piece of furniture) rather than floating alone on a wall.
  2. Be mindful of proportions. Hanging a 1-foot painting above a 7-foot sofa will create imbalance, whereas a 6-foot painting will look just right. Or, hang a few equal-size items evenly spaced.
  3. Plan your arrangement. Lay out artwork on a large table or open floor space until arranged to your liking. This will save you time, and having to patch unneeded holes in the wall.
  4. Hang artwork at 57 inches "on center." This represents the average height of the human eye and is the standard used by many galleries and museums. "On center" means that the middle of the artwork (not the hook or hanging device) is 57 inches high.
  5. Hang multiple pieces around a "hub." Start with a single picture in the grouping and hang it at 57 inches "on center." Then surround it with the rest of the art or photos in the group, keeping the spacing between each one proportionate.
  6. Keep it straight. Don't waste any more time re-straightening crooked paintings. Keep artwork forever level by adding a small piece of VELCRO® or a dab of earthquake putty to the back of the frame. Then, stick it to the wall.

These simple hanging tips will give your walls a professional gallery look and will make it look like your home was staged by a real professional. This is especially helpful if your home is listed for sale as it will really it make it stand out to potential buyers.

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